Criminals In Annapolis Reach New Low: Woman In Labor Robbed At Gunpoint

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The Baltimore Sun is reporting that three pieces of shit armed with shotguns and a handgun robbed a pregnant woman and her boyfriend  at 4:30 a.m. in Annapolis.  The couple was making their way to the hospital because the woman was in labor.  The three men, guns drawn, confronted the couple as they were getting into their car.  The boyfriend fled and called for help while his pregnant, in labor, girlfriend had the pleasure of dealing with these 3 goons.  Two of the criminals after threats of death to a woman in labor, made off with the couple’s car as police arrived.  The cops did catch the bad guys and charged them with several crimes, including armed robbery.

Being from Baltimore I’m used to reading and hearing about crime in my home town and surrounding cities on a pretty consistent basis.  Kids are mindlessly shooting and killing each other over lame beefs and drugs, people are getting mugged on a regular basis, drug markets exist in plain view, and a car is broken into seemingly once every 20 seconds.  I’m so emotionally dead when it comes to crime that it borders on complete apathy at times.  But robbing a chick in labor just scrapes the bottom of the crime barrel.  I mean sure, people have robbed each other since the beginning of time, it happens.  There are folks who want to live a decent life and there are pieces of crap who want to mess that up.  It’s the way it has always been, and the way it will always be.  It sucks, and the people who commit these crimes suck.  But pulling heat on a preggers chick in labor is beyond suck, it’s the low of the low.  Lock ’em up and throw away the key, babes.

And how about the boyfriend who just up and flees to get help?  Does he suck too, or is he a hero because he called for help and the cops showed up in time?  Can’t figure that one.

Two of the alleged armed goons, Devery Kelly and Cornell Washington:


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