Creepy Clown Update: Boris The Clown Catcher Vows To End Creeper Clown Reign Of Terror.

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A few days ago we told you about a weirdo clown who was creeping and standing around Northampton in jolly ol’ England.  Now a “superhero” has emerged who vows to catch and stop this clown from peeping around corners and windows.  Boris The Clown Catcher is now patrolling the streets in an attempt to keep the region clown safe.  The clown has announced on his Facebook page that he is lying low and that he is planning a surprise for later in the week.

High drama.  Clown vs. Boris.  I got the clown, this Boris guy looks lame.  Besides can’t you come up with a better Superhero name than Boris the Clown Catcher?  C’mon man.

Meanwhile, the joke will be on us when this is revealed as a publicity stunt for some bullshit business.  Guaranteed pub stunt.  Genius. Coming soon to Northampton, Clown and Boris Burger and Fries!

Northampton1.jpg  Northampton Clown Catcher taken by pej from facebook

Boris The Clown Catcher


Sunday night in Northampton town (Picture: Facebook/Spot Northampton's Clown)

versus The Northampton Clown

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  1. I think this Sausage Dog’s reaction to the Northampton Clown sums up the local feeling.

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