Losing Streak At Four…..What The Buck?

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The shitty weekend carried over into the work week for the Birds.   The Orioles were on the wrong end of a brutally executed sweep on Sunday and the beat downs continued Monday night as the Orioles dropped one at the Yards to the Indians 5-2.

Sunday was a complete disaster.  When Freddy Garcia pitches you either get crafty veteran Freddy or rag arm Freddy.  Sunday it was rag arm Freddy who doomed the Birds by allowing 7 runs in 2 1/3 innings.  He was promptly sent down to the minors for his efforts.  Monday night Zach Britton got the call.   His start wasn’t completely hateful, but he failed to get out of the sixth, which is par for the course with this starting staff.  It’s taxing the shit out of the bullpen, hell, even Darren O’Day has been knocked around lately.  This pitching needs to get better.  Can you say Matt Garza? Can you say Jesse Crain with his 0.52 ERA out of the bullpen.  Both Chicago clubs are selling. The Birds should be buying.

I played second base for the Orioles tonight, what the hell did you do?

I played second base for the Orioles tonight, what the hell did you do?

On the good side, Adam Jones had two hits tonight to get back to .300.

Markakis and Wieters homered.

Chris Davis has 70 RBIs.

Ryan Flaherty must read Charm City Wire.  Since The Chode bashed him and suggested the Buck Britton call up, Flaherty has gone 10 for 22 with 3 home runs.  Motivation goes a long way babes.

7:05 tomorrow night at the Yard.  Get out there and help break this streak.

Masterson (9-5) vs Tillman (8-2)

Let’s Go O’s!



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