Cowboys Fan Knocks Out Eagles Fan With One Punch

Fights, Sports and Bets — November 9, 2015 at 12:05 pm by

The Eagles may have won on the scoreboard, but this fan took a gigantic L. I wish the camera work was a little better, so we could really appreciate that lightning-quick right hand. Talk about protecting your house, babes. That Cowboys fan knew he was going to get in trouble and he still couldn’t resist popping that guy in the face. Security was on him almost instantly and he just threw his hands up to surrender. He was pretty much like, “Yeah, you got me. I shouldn’t have put that dude to sleep. My bad.” But on second thought, with Jerry Jones’ evil, redneck ass running the team, security probably took him to a luxury box. We all know how much Jones admires “real leaders.”

via Complex

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