Couple Arrested After Posing With Cash From Bank Robbery On Facebook

Humor, News — September 29, 2015 at 2:14 pm by

These crooks really have my brain in a pretzel. Investigators believe that Ashley Duboe applied makeup to John Morgan’s face and neck before the robbery to cover up all his tats. So they were smart enough to take precautions to conceal their identities during the robbery, but they didn’t realize that posting shit like this to Facebook wasn’t a good idea?





While this was an extremely dumb way to get busted, at least the pics were of the highest quality. Morgan referred to snacking on a wad of cash as a “McStack,” which is a great pun. Hey John, that must’ve been a very rich meal. LOL, Amiright!? And that pic of those two love birds embracing is definitely Christmas card material. They may be in the slammer, but they did manage to avoid an expensive trip to Sears. Win some, lose some.

via Uproxx, NY Daily News, & The Smoking Gun
cover pic: NY Daily News

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