Could Steelers’ Training Camp Be Any More Of A Trailer Park If It Tried?

Sports and Bets — July 28, 2015 at 1:41 pm by

All the trailer parks coming together, united to support one team. Love all the Steelers’ fans, always making us Ravens’ fans look good. That’s the thing about football, I can criticize these people, and they can criticize me, and it’s not personal because we’re allowed to hate each other. I’m sure each of them are fine enough people, but football’s a rivalry, so I’m gonna look for anything that I can one-up them on, and physical appearance and education are two glaring weaknesses of Pittsburgh’s kind.

Just checking, but was anyone expecting anything less than jean shorts on the tat guy when they lowered that camera?

And is it just me or does that Joey Porter tattoo look an awful lot like Terrell Suggs? Tat artist might have pulled one over on him…

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