Corey Feldman Went Back On The ‘Today Show’ For Redemption aka Flaunt His Electric Dance Moves

Entertainment — October 13, 2016 at 9:42 am by

Back in September, Corey Feldman went on The Today Show, and performed his song ‘Go 4 It’. This title doesn’t do his performance justice, in the sense of producing captivating television, Feldman went for it alright. This was the Today’s Show most viewed video, so naturally, they have Feldman back on for a second go.

After his original performance, Corey was pissed about the reaction from the public, between his vocals and his unmatched dance moves, he should be selling out stadiums. Need to give credit where it is due, upset at first, Feldman realized that the public just needed another taste. These moves are too much to handle the first go around.

PS When dedicating a song to America, try not to drop the flag(5:30)…



Did he top himself from last time?

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