Cops Killing Dogs, People Killing People, and The Level Of Outrage Among Baltimore Folks.

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Today, a bizarre and disgusting story broke about a Baltimore police officer who allegedly decided that it would be a good idea to slit the throat of an already restrained dog.  This poor house pet escaped out of its backyard in Canton and then had the unfortunate luck to run into Officer Jeffrey Bolger, who was called to help restrain the dog after it had bitten someone, causing superficial wounds.  Witnesses say the dog was merely afraid, not viscous, but that didn’t save it from Officer Lunatic, who it seems, sliced into a living thing’s neck for the sheer pleasure of slicing into a living thing’s neck.

  Officer Bolger

It’s a WTF kinda story.  WTF would possess this police officer to do this?  WTF is this guy doing on the police force?  And WTF, this guy’s job is to protect and serve the community, not slaughter the community’s pets in an empty lot.

The public has responded with outrage, as they should, this is outrageous.  This police officer behaved in a reprehensible manner, there is no justifying this kind of thing.  My guess, and the answer to the first WTF question, is that this type of action suggests that Officer Bolger is a freaking psychopath.  How he got to be a cop is anybody’s guess, but I can also guess that the majority of Baltimore City’s police officers don’t condone, or are repulsed, by this guy and his heinous crime.  But the BPD is going to hear about this for a long time, this story isn’t just going to go away.  Hell, it’s already national news.

The nation is mourning Nala, the murdered dog.

Which the nation should, this story should be national news, and Nala died a horrific death, but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone acted like this when a person was murdered in the streets of Baltimore?

As of June 18th, there were 89 murders in Baltimore City for the year 2014.  That means we’re at a 192 person-murdered clip.  That’s a lot of bloodshed in the streets, but the crazy thing is that the 192 mark would be the lowest since 2011, when 196 people were murdered.  What’s even crazier, is that before that, the lowest murder total in not so recent memory was 197 murders and that took place in 1978.  Yes, nineteen-seventy-fucking-eight.

There are a lot of people killing a lot of people in this Charm City of ours.

In fact, I would guess (another guess) that most of the people of Baltimore City have seen a dead body that was a result of a murder, or that they have at least seen the aftermath of a murder investigation.  Hell, I’ve seen two dead bodies in the city and I lived out in Baltimore County.  (One body was in Fells Point when a store owner shot and killed a would be robber.  The second body was on North Avenue and  I don’t know the circumstances behind that killing. The police had arrived and were putting up the yellow tape in both instances.)  I also guarantee you that every resident of Baltimore City has heard gunshots fired while living in Baltimore City.  It’s like the goddamn wild west out there.

Isn’t there something really fucking horribly wrong with that?

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that these murders keep getting committed, or the fact that citizens simply accept them as a part of daily life.  And when citizens do get upset about the violence that surrounds everyday life in Baltimore, like Tracy Halvorsen did when her friend, Kim Leto, was murdered in Canton, people begin to argue about race and privilege instead of banding together and really confronting the violence issue.  The issue wasn’t where the crime happened in Ms. Leto’s case or whether the person who was angry about her murder had money.  The issue was that Ms. Halvorsen’s friend was murdered in the first place and that Baltimore City is unacceptably violent.

Murder is a huge problem here. And not just the nationally talked about dog murder, but people murder. People are shot in the streets here constantly. Look at the Murder Ink section in the City Paper. Check out how old these folks are that are getting killed.  30, 27, and 21.  Usually the victims are younger than that. We’ve got a whole society of kids under 25 who are armed to the teeth and killing each other on whims and beefs.  Where’s the outrage?  Where is the anger?  Are we too afraid to take back our City neighborhoods?

I think we are.

There won’t be any uproar in regards to the three men who were mentioned in the Murder Ink section of the City Paper on June 18th.  There will be no march on City Hall and there will be no national media coverage.  Those three guys are simply viewed by the press as three more black dudes who died in Baltimore.  More numbers for the murder totals.

And that’s an incredible tragedy.

The causes and reasons for the proliferation of violent crime are complex.  There are no easy answers to why all this shit happens, why so many people kill each other in our society, and I sure as hell don’t have any answers in that regard.  But I do know one thing.  Nothing will ever change until people get pissed off about it.  And I mean get really pissed off about it.

Until the law-abiding folks of B-more decide that enough is enough, the violence will continue.

Does that mean that every citizen should arm themselves and retaliate against gangs, thugs, and killers if necessary?

Does it mean that people should demand more cops in their neighborhoods? (Not ones like Officer Lunatic)

Does it mean that people should demand answers from their city leaders?

Does it mean that black and white people should get together to help each other fight violent crime?

Does it mean that the black community should stand up united and do even more to curb black on black crime?

Yes, is the answer to all of these questions.

But until the City of Baltimore gets angry enough and until the people of Baltimore answer the above questions with action, the murder of a dog will be more of a story than the murder of another person on another Baltimore street.



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