Cop Pulls Gun in McDonald’s Drive-Thru

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 A DeKalb County police detective is accused of pointing his service weapon at others in a McDonald’s drive-thru line.Forsyth County Sheriff’s Major Rick Doyle told Channel 2’s Jeff Dore that the detective became impatient with other men in the line, left his car and pointed his weapon. Doyle said the sergeant confronted the men using expletives. Forsyth County Sheriff’s Duane Piper said Biumi lunged his head, gun and shoulders into a pickup truck to threaten the driver.  Doyle said the incident was captured on security cameras.

It seems that McDonald’s is having a lot of incidents lately. The other day you have a guy trading a bj for a mcdouble, and now a cop waving his gun to speed up the line? This sounds like a Mickey D’s publicity stunt…A cop is willing to lose his job, all for a tasteless, mushy, addictive burger? But seriously, the kid works there, so he was probably shooting the shit way to long. The cop was out of line, but waiting for a liter of cola can change a man.




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