Conservative Looks Like A Complete Fool When Asked To Back Up His Argument With Statistics

Entertainment, Humor, News — December 10, 2015 at 4:17 pm by

Regardless of your political opinions, it’s always funny to see someone get caught with their pants down. Kurt Schlichter was probably thinking, “I’m crushing this debate. Now it’s time to drop the hammer and make up a stat about radical Muslims. These jabronis won’t know what hit ’em!” But unfortunately for Kurt, Poppy Harlow wasn’t here to fuck around. She called his bluff, and Kurt couldn’t think of an intelligent response to save his life. You could practically hear the wheels spinning in that dude’s head. “C’mom, Kurt! You got this. Think of something. Anything. Ummmm, do you want me to Google it? Boom. Roasted. Never a doubt, Kurt, never a doubt.”

via Uproxx

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