Coming This Summer From Flying Dog: Old Bay Beer

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Back in the day some old school Baltimore beer heads would sprinkle salt or Old Bay in their beer while they were eating crabs.  Seen it done a million times as a kid.  I can even distinctly remember my great-aunt sitting on the balcony of her Ocean City condo eating M and M’s and drinking Miller High Life out of a glass with an Old Bay rim.  She did it every evening while people watching, her condo was right on the boards, babes.  So needless to say, when Flying Dog announced they were going to brew a Belgian Pale Ale with Old Bay, we were intrigued.  Of course the beer isn’t  going to be available until Memorial Day, but the concept sounds delightful.  Of course the old school Baltimore beer heads would probably have no idea what the hell a Belgian Pale Ale is, but I’m sure they would at least applaud the effort.  Now all that’s left to create is an Old Bay flavored tooth paste…..

Old School……


New School…..

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 11.52.45 AM

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