College Student Wins Truck After Draining Half Court Shot At The Buzzer

Sports and Bets — November 5, 2014 at 4:50 pm by

Drake University freshman Alex Tillinghast sure has a flair for the dramatic. He definitely bricked those first two layups on purpose to set up a thrilling finish. If there’s one thing I know about goofy-looking white guys with afros, it’s that they’ve always got a trick up their sleeve. Putting the crowd on the edge of their seat before Drew Nicholasing the fuck outta that half court shot was all part of his master plan. What an entertainer. Only thing that he was missing was a celebratory big balls dance afterwards.


I also have to point out the dynamite performance from that rebounder. That guy was hustling this ass off and firing out Wes Unseld-esque outlet passes.¬†Without him, I don’t think Alex even makes the three point shot. Real recognize real, Alex, take that man out for a steak dinner and a trip to the titty bar.

via Uproxx
gif: Bleacher Report

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