CNN’s New Year Celebration Included Live Cut-Ins With A Reporter On A Weed Bus

Entertainment, News — January 1, 2018 at 10:21 am by

It’s officially 2018, folks. CNN rang it in on a bus in Denver, gas mask bong and all.

CNN anchor, Randi Kaye had the privilege of ringing in 2018 on a party bus, where her and her new friends gave viewers an end of the year run down on using a gas mask bong. With the nickname, “Kush Kaye” Randi took the weed bus with stride. One minute she is lighting a bong, and the next she is teaching us about ‘puff puff pass.’ Unfortunately, Kaye didn’t get chance to teach us about secondhand smoke and the contact high that could come with it on a weed bus. What a time to be alive.

PS Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper couldn’t look anymore uncomfortable.

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