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Our resident handicapper Cliff Brooks is 6-2 for the NFL playoffs.  So rock back, put your feet up, and count your money baby.

Looking back at history, most of us are fascinated by the larger than life figures that walked before us.  I have often wondered what the great ones were thinking as they ascended the ladder that was their career achievements.  George Washington was larger than life.  What would I ask him as he helped forge a nation?  How about Neil Armstrong as he walked the moon?  Or the great military leaders in history like Patton, Napoleon, or Alexander the Great?

This leads me to Ray Lewis.  Baltimore’s General in Arms.  Here Ray walks larger than life.  Our great city honors Ray with such adoration that it makes some people from other area codes sick with jealousy.  Just ask Terry Bradshaw, the bald-headed ex-Steeler, who didn’t always get that same level of adoration from Pittsburgh.  This is jealousy is obviously clouding Terry’s judgement on what a real sports hero is.

So what would my question to my sports hero Ray Lewis be?  His football achievements are so over the top that one question couldn’t quantify his career.  But his football awards and achievements pale in comparison to what Ray is all about.  This man is a gladiator, not for football, but for God.  His faith and care for people of lesser circumstances rings so loud that you just can’t help hold yourself to a higher standard.  Ray has used the platform of the NFL to sing the faith song.  So be it.  Maybe we should listen closer to his message of love and motivation.

So in closing, I still don’t know what that one question to ask Ray would be.  I do know it wouldn’t be about football.  That would be an insult to him.  Now Ray, keep this journey of yours rolling right along.

Now let’s gamble.

Baltimore +9 over Pats…..I want it to be an elements game, like in Denver.  Do you get the feeling Flacco excels in bad conditions?  I do.  He is unflappable.  If they game plan well for Vince “will fork anything edible” Wilfork, the Ravens will be just fine.  Ravens get the outright win and head south for two weeks of Ray Ray Inspiration 101.  That might make Terry “the clown” Bradshaw play Russian Roulette with a full chamber.

Atlanta+5 over 49ers…..I like this game to be close. Atlanta can run track at home and Mike Nolan is a good enough defensive coordinator to devise a scheme that will contain the newly crowned “King” of the NFL, Colin Kaepernick.


  1. That is so clever!

  2. You have such a way of putting things … love it!

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