Cliff’s Five Star Rocking Chair Locks

Sports and Bets — January 14, 2013 at 6:23 pm by

Our resident handicapper Cliff Brooks breaks down this weekends’ NFL matchups.   Sit back, put your feet up, and count your money baby.

Divisional Weekend

A few gems this weekend for the best damn weekend in football.

49ers -3 over Packers…..Pack hits the road this week to face a restored, athletic, and mauling physical team.  Boy if Christian “No Show” Ponder would have played last week the Vikes could have pulled the upset.  The Pack won’t be able to gang molest Frank Gore like they did Adrian Peterson all night last week.  The Niners Defense  will have numerous parties in the Green Bay backfield.  Giving three is a no-brainer here.

Ravens +10 over Broncos…..The only problem will be the altitude on this Saturday evening.  The Ravens will make the Broncos play their best game of the season.  My thought is, with Peyton Manning 85%, they won’t be able to.  Face it.  He doesn’t have the velocity he once did.  Ed Reed, who is anothe Raven playing for a contract, comes up with two picks and makes the Ravens pay him for at least another year.

Patriots -10 over Houston…..Easy one here.  Pats will spead the Texans out on offense, and defensively, Bill will make Matt Schaub beat him….No Way, No Chance.

Atlanta -2.5 over Seattle…..I know the Seahawks are the now team, but I have a hunch the Falcons will be ready for this one.  Well, at least for Mike Smith’s sake, they better be.

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