Classic Memorabilia From The Original ‘Point Break’ Is Set For Auction

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With some of the best one-liners to live by, and the electric good guy/bad guy duo that is Johnny Utah and Bodhi, the original Point Break still holds up.

An estate sale for property owned by the late, Patrick Swayze is currently underway, and the winning bidders will be announced April 28-29th. Among many of Swayze’s film items, 9 items from Point Break are up for grabs. You can bid on things like Bodhi’s wetsuit, sky diving gear, and even the surfboard he practiced with for the film. With the current bid of $9,500, you can scoop up the actual board Bodhi used during filming.


As for me, I’m going for the customized bat wing shirt pictured above. The shirt is from Hide-Away-Leather in Dundalk, and it would be an injustice not to bring this bad boy home.

Hide-Away-Leather flaunting it like the badge of honor that it is.


Just because…

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