Chubby Royals Fan In Search Of Tall & Handsome Game 3 Ticket Holder

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What a set of balls on this lady. Why on earth would any tall, handsome, well-hung guy want to spend the biggest Royals home game since 1985 with this chubby nut-job? If I’m a Royals fan with a spare ticket, I’m either selling that shit and making bank, or taking a stone cold fox to the game. This ticket is the ultimate aphrodisiac right now in Kansas City. Wasting it on some chick built like Mike Tolbert would be idiotic. And how the fuck can she possibly be so demanding with her requests? She has no leverage at all. She’s in a clear take-whatever-you-can-get situation. Old dudes, super fat dudes, guys with eye patches, she should be game for ’em all.

Of all the things that annoy me in this Craigslist ad, the worst is that she admitted to being a Red Sox fan. She ditched the Royals when times got tough, and now she’s ready to jump back on the bandwagon with the help of her chubby-chasing sugar daddy. She needs to jump her ass on StubHub like everyone else. Fuck this front-runner. O’s in six.

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  1. Lol! I love it. She’s so needy. I would never give a ticket to a fairweather fan like this! Hell she needs to give me a ticket!

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