Christmas Came Early. Check Out The ‘Entourage’ Movie Trailer

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The boys are back! Crank up the Jane’s Addiction, bitches! There’s Vince playing a robot DJ in a movie, Turtle fighting Ronda Rousey, Drama dropping wisdom, Ari running a movie studio, and E being boring as fuck as per usual. How ’bout Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment putting the fear of God into Ari? Intense stuff. Just look at this gun-toting madman.


Haley Joel plays for fucking keeps. I see a dead Ari Gold. And because this is the Entourage movie, we were obviously treated to some lovely ladies.

Emily Ratajkowski


Nina Agdal




Mystery butt


Just from this trailer alone it’s abundantly clear that they’ve got a masterpiece on their hands. Might as well cancel the 2016 Oscars now because Entourage is sweeping the whole damn thing.

via Warner Bros. Pictures
cover pic: Latino-Review

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