Christie Brinkley Is Turning 60- And You Would.

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I just happened to see on TV that Christie Brinkley is turning 60 on February 2nd.  She is eligible for Social Security in 2 years. And I would, you would, we all would.  If you say you wouldn’t, you’re lying, because she a simmering, smoking, boiling kettle of geriatric hot.  Believe me, I’m slightly confused and perplexed myself.  When I think of 60, I sure as hell don’t think of banging.  No, 60 makes me think of grandmas and weird human smells and grey/blue hair and that ever so slight whiff that emanates from a freshly sprinkled adult diaper.  That’s not Christie babes. Brinkley isn’t a grandma yet, but if she was, she’d be the first universal GILF.


'Leaving the Theatre after the Sports Illustrated 50 Years of Beautiful ..' Christie Brinkley posted to her Instagram account. ‘She has the legs of a 30-year-old,’ S.I.’s Senior Editor said.



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  1. I once had sex with a 66 year old…..nothin in the world like getting gummed…but it’s called super poly grip for a reason.

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