Chris Tillman Says,”Stop”, Wins Ninth Of The Year

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Chris Tillman has been the stopper on the Orioles’ staff so far this season, and he proved that again tonight as the Birds turned the tables on the Indians.  Coming into this evening the Birds had dropped four straight and it was up to Tillman stop the bleeding.  He did just that by going (gasp) seven full innings and allowing three runs on just four hits.  He also struck out six batters.  Tillman doesn’t always have his best stuff, but he sure as hell knows how to battle.  He never seems to panic and definitely puts trust in his best pitches during crucial situations.  This is something the younger pitchers in the organization should take notice of, especially Jake Arrieta, who hates his own fastball, and Zach Britton, who pussed out last night and went curve ball instead of throwing his best pitch, the sinker, during Michael Brantley’s game changing at-bat.   Pitchers don’t always need their best stuff to win, they just need to know what to throw when in order to keep the big inning away. That’s just what Tillman did tonight in the Orioles’ 6-3 win. He pitched like a grown-up.

Johnson got the save, but he walked two and allowed a hit to make it way too uncomfortable in the ninth.

"Dude,I can't believe you just did that!"

“Dude,I can’t believe you just did that!”

Chris Davis hit his 28th home run in the 7th.  Will he get 60?

Alexi Casilla hit an Earl Weaver, also in the 7th inning. The five run inning sealed the win for Baltimore.  Until that point Cleveland’s Justin Masterson had been lights out, but he gave up the big inning, something Tillman was able to avoid.

Brian Roberts had two hits in his first rehab game in Norfolk.

Dylan Bundy has to go back to Dr. Andrews because of continued arm tightness.  This is awful news.  Bundy’s career may hang in the balance.

In more bad news, Matt Wieters is only batting .228.  Ugh.  That’s not good.

In even more bad news the Red Sux,  Spankees, and Rays all won, so the division stands pat.

Kazmir (4-4) vs Hammel (7-4) tomorrow night, same time, same place.

Let’s Go O’s!




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