Chris Davis Roasted The Shit Out Of Jose Bautista At Orioles FanFest Saturday

Sports and Bets — January 29, 2017 at 5:16 pm by




ESPN“Asked Saturday by a young fan at the team’s FanFest about his opinion of Bautista, Chris Davis didn’t hold back.

‘He’s actually a pretty good dude,’ Davis said but then added after a pause, ‘said no one ever.’

He then added that Bautista is ‘a guy who’s easy to dislike.'”


Yeah, so what the “said no one ever” jokes have been out of date for a while now, Chris Davis just roasted the living fuck out of Jose Bautista. The fact that the punchline hasn’t been used for like a good two years now almost makes it more funny. He could have said “Jose Bautista is a good guy…NOT!” and I still would have laughed. The important thing is that the message was clear and dry. No one likes Jose Bautista, and the Orioles are going to continue not liking him through 2017, or whenever that ass hole realizes his career is as good as over. No love lost between these two franchises. And I love Davis full on admitting that Bautista is a douche bag. We just need Davis to go all Odor on his ass and end this once and for all.


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