Chris Davis’ Pinch Hit Walk Off!!!!

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Is there a better way to win than a walk off home run? I don’t think so. Especially when it’s your slumping slugger named Cruuush that delivers the final blow. Davis, who was not in the lineup Monday,  entered the game as a pinch hitter for Delmon Young in the ninth inning and provided the Orioles with a three run home run to win the game in walk off fashion. Wow! Before I get too carried away with the dramatic finish lets talk about how we got there.

The game started well for the Birds as they jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning when Adam Jones  blasted a two run home run. But the White Sox fought back, scoring a run in the third, and adding another two in the sixth. That gave the Sox a 3-2 lead.

Jose Abreu, who had 3 RBIs on the night including a home run , mashed an RBI double in the seventh to extend the Sox lead to 4-2.  But in the eighth inning, Caleb Joseph, who nothced his first major league home run over the weekend in New York, tagged a solo shot to make it a one run game. Brad Barch pitched a clean ninth inning, and there the Orioles were, down just a run at home in bottom of the ninth inning.

Professional hitter Steve Pearce lead off the final inning with a single.  No surprise there. Adam Jones was then hit by a pitch, which moved the tying run to second and put Jones on first as the winning run. After Nelson Cruz struck out swinging and with Delmon Young due up to bat, Buck went to his bench, where he found Chris “Crush” Davis.  Why the everyday first baseman was on the bench, we can’t be certain. Buck stated he wanted to get some other guys some work, but many believe Davis was benched because of his recent slump. Whatever Buck’s reasons were for not having Davis was the lineup Monday night, with one out and the game on the line Buck made the move and brought Davis to the plate. Davis didn’t let him down, as he hit a bomb to right field and the Birds won 6-4.

It was a phenomenal win for the Birds for so many reasons.  It was a hard-fought game on a night where the Orioles blew an early lead, couldn’t buy a hit with a runner in scoring position, and stranded a small village on the base paths. But they found a way to win and that’s all that matters. That’s what great teams do. It was also fantastic to see Chris Davis come off the pine and hit the game winner. Davis has struggled most of this season. Now and then he’ll show a flash of his 2013 form, but then he’ll go back to struggling. I’m hoping that the shot he hit in the ninth inning Monday night isn’t just a game winner, but that it’s a slump buster ,and now Chris can go back to being the Crush Davis we need him to be.

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