Chris Davis Moved To 7th On The O’s All Time Home Run List, But Does He Have A Shot At 500 Career Homers?

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When Chris Davis touched off a two-run bomb in the 7th last night, he hit his 210th home run as an Oriole, to move to 7th on the O’s all time list. Davis now has hit 252 homers in his career, including his time with the Rangers, and is just over half way to the exclusive 500-home run list.

So it’s time to get to thinking, can Chris Davis hit 500 career home runs?

Davis has 11 home runs so far this year, which is about a third of the way through, and honestly, so far he hasn’t been very good, and there’s only one way to go from here. So I think it’s safe to predict Davis hits around 35 home runs total this year, which would be 24 more, putting him at 276 homers at the end of his age 31 season. I don’t think Chris Davis is the type of guy who will have a career until he’s 40, because once the power declines, his career is probably over. But I think Davis can play until he’s about 38, or seven more years after 2017. If he has my predicted 276 bombs after this season, he’d need 224 left to get to the 500 club. Over seven years, that would be exactly a 32 homer run per year average. Of course he may not play seven more full seasons, but there’s also a possibility he plays more.




It may sound crazy given how frustrated fans get with Chris Davis, but this guy could honestly hit 500 career home runs, which would force him into the Hall Of Fame talks. I don’t expect it to happen, because when a player gets to 38 years old, 32 home runs in a season is a ton. And of course you have to factor in the injury potential. But I think Davis has a couple 40 homer years left in him, which would mean he wouldn’t need as many in his later years. So although it’s a long shot, it’s still a very real possibility.

Regardless of if Davis ever hits 500 home runs, and regardless of how lost he looks at the plate sometimes, O’s fans need to appreciate this guy more than we do. The guy plays a Gold Glove caliber defense, has a great work ethic, and has more home runs than anyone since 2012. Don’t take that for granted.


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