Chris Davis Barely Made MLB Network’s 2016 ‘Top 10 First Basemen Right Now’ List

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Number 9 on such a list seems pretty low to a man making $161 million for just seven years of work. First base is a position packed with powerful and dominant hitters, and here’s how MLB Network ranked the top ten.


10. Brandon Belt

9. Chris Davis

8. Freddie Freeman

7. Adrian Gonzalez

6. Jose Abreu

5. Edwin Encarnacion

4. Anthony Rizzo

3. Miguel Cabrera

2. Joey Votto

1. Paul Goldschmidt


I’m not gonna sit here and say I have a huge problem with this list. Although I disagree slightly with the rankings, I don’t think this list is anywhere near as absurd as where Adam Jones fell on the centerfielder list. I agree with the top four being ranked above Davis, but I’d probably have Davis being ranked fifth. Edwin Encarnacion is a great player, but benefits from being smack in the middle of that Blue Jays lineup, and Adrian Gonzalez is past his prime. Jose Abreu is a great player, and has the potential to be Davis with a higher average. But in my mind he isn’t as proven as Davis is yet, although I understand the argument. I also don’t have much of an issue with Freeman being above Chris either. He plays for a terrible team so his numbers are nothing special, but has a lot of talent. In my mind, after the top four, I’d go Davis, Abreu, Freeman, Encarnacion, Gonzalez, Belt.

All in all, I disagree with Davis’ ranking, but I’m okay with it. There’s so many good first basemen in the MLB, and Davis falls into that category.

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