Rays’ Chris Archer Has Big Problem With David Ortiz And So Do I

Sports and Bets — July 28, 2014 at 1:12 pm by
David Ortiz is a straight up piece of shit. I hate him like no one else in professional sports. During yesterday’s Red Sox-Rays game, Ortiz hit a home run that helped clinch the win for the Red Sox. This homer came off of Ray’s rising star Chris Archer, who wasn’t pleased with Ortiz’s actions following the blast. Upon making contact, Ortiz, being the fuck that he is, flipped his bat immediately, and started showboating on his way down to first base. I realize that at 230 pounds of straight fat, picking up a jog is a lot to ask, but stop walking down to first after a home run, and start running the bases. These actions actually came on the one year anniversary of that fat ass breaking the dugout phone in the Red Sox game against our Orioles last season. Archer made it clear he wasn’t happy with Ortiz when after the game he said Ortiz “feels the show is all about him,” and he agreed with teammate David Price when he accused Ortiz of thinking he is “bigger than the game.”
     Ortiz is such a fucking douche bag, I can’t even say his name without cringing. I was there at Fenway the night he charged the mound on Kevin Gregg, and I’ve never been so fired up in my life. This guy could have a career ending injury and the game would be better for it.
     Of course, if I was on steroids, I could hit home runs. But the Red Sox have no problem accusing Nelson Cruz of still cheating this year. Go fuck yourself, everyone on the team. You’re the worst.

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