Chode’s Top 5 Reasons Why College Football is Actually Better Than the NFL

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We all love the NFL, especially given how good our city’s team is year in and year out. But those of you who followed my college football picks last season (which by the way were on fire) know how passionate I am about NCAA football. While we’re all pumped for the return of pigskin here are my reasons why the Saturday Gridiron is actually better than Sunday’s.

 5) Atmosphere

Ravens Stadium is wild on game day. It’s probably the wildest in the NFL and I’m not being biased.  But as loud and wild as it gets here, 71,000 at M&T Bank doesn’t compare to Michigan’s, “Big House”, which holds 115,000, or Penn State’s, Beaver Stadium’s capacity of 106,000. There are many other NCAA stadiums that dwarf the average NFL stadium in size. Compare that kinda crowd to a Jacksonville Jaguars game. Add in how passionate and die-hard these college fans are, and that’s a lot of loud and rabid venues that are rockin’ on Saturdays. Throw in drunk college kids and good-looking co-eds and you’ve got atmosphere galore.  Seriously, how do you beat the atmosphere of  a place like Texas A&M  on game day?

4) Tradition

Some of coolest traditions and pre/ post game rituals you’ll ever see take place at college football games. From the Notre Dame players slapping the “Play Like a Champion Sign” to the Auburn fans toilet papering Toomer’s Trees after a huge win over an SEC rival, tradition rules the college landscape. You simply don’t see things like this at the professional level. Tell me you don’t get chills watching the Clemson Tigers rubbing “Howard’s Rock” before they run down the hill into “Death Valley”.

3) Rivalries

There are a few good rivalries in the NFL with the Ravens vs. Steelers, Bears vs. Packers and the NFC East (Giants, Cowboys, Eagles and Deadskins) hate-mashup being the best of the bunch . Other than that, I don’t buy into most of the lame Oakland/Denver-type rivalries. There are good matchups every week, but the NFL lacks rivalries as fun and as long on tradition as, Ohio State vs Michigan, Auburn vs. Alabama, Texas vs. Oklahoma, or even Army vs Navy.  And there are plenty more where those came from.  The Ravens vs. Steelers rivalry, as good as it is, started in 1996, whereas the Auburn Vs. Alabama matchup, now known as the Iron bowl, was a match up first played in 1893. Now that’s a rivalry for the ages!



2) Rules

 While many NFL advocates may tell you that they don’t like the different rules the college game uses, I for one will tell you those people just don’t know what they are talking about and simply aren’t watching the college games. The one foot only in rule for a catch  is different that the NFL, but different doesn’t mean bad. It leads to more explosive, dynamic plays that are down right awesome to watch.  And lets talk about my favorite rule in college—OVERTIME. NFL overtime makes no sense. Field goal-we still get a chance- it’s sorta sudden death- blah, blah, blah. College overtime is my favorite thing in sports as each team gets the ball at the opponent’s 25 yard line with a chance to score. If they continue to match each other, they move to 2nd, 3rd or 4th overtime. No ties in college. To me there’s nothing better than a huge college game in triple OT.

1) Games ALL Day and Night Long/ Gambler’s paradise

My favorite thing about college football is that on any given Saturday, from noon until past midnight, there are non-stop games; and so many of them are televised. The NFL gives you 1-3 day games and a prime time night game on Sunday. Thanks NFL. Why do I have to pay extra to watch more than one game at a time? College football games are on random channels that even I’ve never even heard of. At 3PM on a Saturday, I am watching four plus excellent  games at once, not just the one game Big Brother NFL decides to let me see. Talk about a gamblers paradise. If you like betting mid level teams no one knows anything about, the great thing about college is that there’s a damn good chance that mid-level game is on TV. That means you get to watch that random Southern Miss State or Hawaii game you laid the mortgage on. If I’m going to lose money gambling, at least let me watch it go down the drain on TV  instead of  agonizing over gamecast on my phone.


College. Is. Better.


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