Chode’s and The O’s Nightmare Road Trip

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road trip1For a man of many words I’m left speechless right now. The Orioles recent road trip is like a nightmare.  We can’t wake up from this mess to realize it was only a bad dream, and then go back to bed with a smile on our face because we know we still have a few good hours of sleep left before our alarm goes off.   This isn’t a dream, it’s reality. Did the Birds really just go 3-6 on a pivotal road trip?  What the hell was that???

Some Baltimore fans are starting to say “same old Orioles”, and flip gears to the consistently winning, world champion, Ravens . Well that ain’t gonna do for the Chode. I’ve seen this city bring home two Lombardi Trophies, but I have never seen this city celebrate a World Series win, and I’m not going to throw in the towel until we do. The Orioles managed to fight their way back to two games out of the wild card is spite of themselves and in spite of their own piss poor play.  Then just as easily as they cut the lead down, they blew it, as the O’s just can’t seem to help their own cause. We complain about the strength of the AL East, and that is what it is, but losing to Cleveland is just simply unacceptable. I don’t give a damn what their record is, they are the Cleveland Indians, and they suck. The Ravens own the Browns and the Orioles should own the Tribe the same way. Don’t talk to me about how hard the AL East is when you can’t handle your business against a team from the Central in a crucial series.  I was as excited as anyone before the Boston, New York and Cleveland road trip. I thought we would win all three series’ and come back to the yard on top of the wild-card race. That certainly didn’t happen, but is everyone really ready to just give up on the Birds?

Even with a Tampa Bay win Wednesday night, the Orioles are only four games back of the wild card. I know it’s not ideal, but it’s also not impossible. I don’t mean to be the eternal optimist, but I’m not going give up the dream until the fat lady sings, and I don’t hear that chubby bitch just yet. After all the shit we’ve been through as Orioles fans, to only be  four games out of back-to-back playoff appearances at this stage of the season is no reason to turn the Orioles off. Tonight can be all about the Ravens, and I’ll be rooting for them as hard as anyone, but I’m still going to be keeping a close eye on that Orioles-White Sox game. Let’s not forget, this is the controversial game that moved the Ravens opening game to Denver. So let’s hope Buck knew what we was doing by not moving this game. The Orioles win and get us back into the heart of the hunt, while the Ravens new defense puts Peyton on his back in Denver. Big night for BOTH Baltimore teams. Lets get ’em BIRDS!

American League
Texas* 80 59 .576 39-29 41-30 628 547 +81 Lost 1 5-5
Oakland* 80 59 .576 44-26 36-33 626 544 +82 Won 1 8-2
Tampa Bay 77 61 .558 44-26 33-35 600 555 +45 Won 2 3-7
NY Yankees 75 64 .540 2.5 43-28 32-36 563 557 +6 Won 3 7-3
Cleveland 74 65 .532 3.5 42-27 32-38 621 593 +28 Won 2 4-6
Baltimore 73 65 .529 4 38-29 35-36 654 614 +40 Lost 2 4-6



  1. They are done. It’s football season!

  2. Ravens game should have been here. Total crap from the Orioles

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