Chode’s 2014 Orioles Pre-Season Predictions

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It might still be snowing in Baltimore, but baseball is coming. With Opening Day less than week away The  Chode takes a look into his Crystal Ball and gives you his pre-season predictions.  Let’s Go.


1) Manny will be Manny:

 Machado won’t be ready for Opening Day, but the injury rehab isn’t going to impact his on-field play once he does arrive in 2014. The Macho Man will take a step forward this season and some of those 50-plus doubles he hit last year will start carrying out of the park. Look for Manny to up last season’s 14 dingers to closer to 25, while maintaining his gold glove defense and high batting average.

2) Jonathan Schoop will OWN the Second Base position:

I’ve made it clear how good I believe  Jonathan Schoop will be in the near future. The Orioles made a trade for a more than solid utility man in Steve Lambardozzi and that will help out the infield in Machado’s early season absence. This means Schoop will likely start in AAA, and that’s ok.  If Schoop does get sent down the O’s will get an extra year on his service clock and he’ll get everyday at bats. But by the All-Star break people will be buying this kid’s jersey, and the Oriole’s will have second base taken care of for years to come. The guy can do it all. Trust the Chode on this one.


3) Kevin Gausman= Stud

Gausman looked very good at points last season. His fastball sits damn near a 100. He has struck out almost a batter an inning through last season and this spring. He also doesn’t issue many walks.   Breaking camp it looks like it will be Tillman, Ubaldo, Chen, and Norris as the top 4 with some debate still on the 5th starter.  Miguel Gonzalez is having a very strong spring as well and may get the spot to start the season. Regardless of where the Gasman starts the season, I’m confident Gausman will end the season at the TOP of the starting rotation.  He’s had a fantastic spring, and with the experience he gained last season, by the end of 2014 he will be a guy you will want starting a Postseason game.


4) There will be an “Orange October”

So since I just mentioned the postseason let me be clear. I do believe that when the season ends the Orioles will still be playing in October. Boom!

                                                                                                                 “Orange October Baby”


5) Orioles Record :

93-69. This might be enough to win the East. The AL East will be extremely competitive and balanced this season, meaning we will be beating each other up a bit, and a slightly lower win total will take home  the East crown this season compared to Boston’s 97 wins in 2013.

6) Markakis Bounces back in a big way:

Towards the end of last season Nick Markakis struggled at the plate. He was injured towards the end of 2012 and never seemed to fully recover in 2013, despite what he may tell you.  Nick is a career .292 hitter,  I believe he will return to more of that Markakis this year  instead  of the Markakis we saw at the end of last year.  It appears he will be batting in the lead-off spot this season where he THRIVED in 2012.


“Nickys Back!!”

7) Chris Davis, unfortunately, won’t drop 53 HRs again

Davis is going to have a great year, don’t get me wrong, but he set the bar too high in 2013. If you’re expecting 50 plus Home Runs and 138 RBI’s out of the big guy again this year, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.  I hope I’m eating those words in September, but I see Crush  with a strong, but more reasonable season this year. Lets call it 35-40 dingers and 90-100 RBI. He’s still a monster.

Let’s Play Ball!


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