Chode’s $1 Dog Iron Birds Eat Off

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So while Babes and CK were out in Perry Hall coming up short in the Ravage Deli Challenge, the Chode was up at the Aberdeen Iron Birds’ Game for $1 hot dog day.  CCW friend Andrew tossed out a challenge to the Chode to eat at least 1 hot dog every inning, and he knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist.


“Big Daddy Crushing Dogs with a smile in the early innings”


My buddy Umberto, better known as “big daddy”, and I showed up Sunday thinking this thing was going to be easy-sneazy. Nine dogs at baseball game, no problem for a couple of eaters like us. That is how it started.. A little ketchup, some mustard, and a great time.  The first few innings passed and we were cruisin’, simply some dudes enjoying a couple of dogs at a baseball game. We were watching the game, laughing and carrying on like it was nothing……

When the 5th inning hit ,it started to sink in that this wasn’t going to be that easy after all. I mean we all like a dog or two at a baseball game or cook out.  But who eats 9 of them for the hell of it? The answer is no one, and there is a  damn good reason for that. It sucks!  By the 7th inning stretch we were ready to tap out. At that point I didn’t want anymore stupid condiments.  We were in a, “just give me the plain dog and bun, dammit, and let’s get this over,” mentality. It wasn’t the amount of food. I have eaten a lot more before, and I am sure I will again. But after that many hot dogs the taste of processed meat literally became gross and awful. I would rather have eaten a homeless man’s shoe than another hot dog. We got them all down, but the aftermath wasn’t pretty.

After Sunday, I am starting to think professional eaters like Joey “Jaws” Chestnut just don’t get the credit they deserve in terms of being a great athlete. This stuff ain’t easy. If you think I’m lying and you think a dog an inning is easy, then try it at home during the next Orioles game you watch on TV. By the late innings you’ll be cheering for little stuff like pick off moves and walks, just to extended the inning, so you can buy more time before you have to down that next dog.

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