Chinese Man Raises Black Bears For Two Years Before He Realizes They’re Not Dogs

News — July 3, 2015 at 11:47 am by

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Hello Giggles– A man named Wang Kaiyu living in Yunnan, China, discovered the two puppies he’s been raising for the past two years are actually, uh, Asian black bears. And they’re considered a class II protected species. What led Kaiyu to discover the shocking truth was a poster for a wildlife protection exhibition — everything suddenly clicked…Exactly how Kaiyu ended up with bears for puppies? According to Shanghaiist, Kaiyu came across a man crossing the Vietnamese border with two “good looking” puppies. So he bought them, not thinking twice  —and treated them like the prince and princess that they are. Kaiyu raised them like he would raise dogs — he bathed them, fed them, and brushed their fur.


Am I missing something here where the pictures of these bears look like dogs or something? Those animals look exactly like bears. I realize he’s probably more accustomed to seeing dogs on his plate at dinner, but you’d think he’d eventually figure it out. But he was still walking them on leashes and teaching them to roll over like they weren’t man eating predators. But I guess you have to question anyone’s decision making who buys “dogs” from a rando crossing the Vietnamese border.

And how about the seller in this one? Selling bears at dog prices, what a schmuck of a business man.

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