Chicks Dig Flacco: Joe Has Top Selling Jersey In Maryland, According To Dick’s

Sports and Bets — November 4, 2014 at 3:33 pm by


According to the sales records of Dick Sporting Goods, Joe Flacco’s jersey is the top selling female jersey in the State of Maryland.  That’s no surprise. I mean, what’s not to love?  He’s quite the handsome fellow with that majestic and mountainous peak of a forehead of his, and those well-groomed, yet untamed eyebrows.  Throw in his sense of humor, his calm and even demeanor, and his $100 million contract, and ladies all over the great State of Maryland are probably weak-kneed just gazing upon on that beautiful purple and white outfit of Ravens’ loyalty.  LL Cool J = Ladies Love Cool Joe.


Some interesting things from the map:

Torrey Smith is # 1 in Washington D.C.-  More proof that Redskins’ fans are bailing.

Heath Miller is #1 in North Dakota- More proof that people will do anything and work anywhere to get the hell out of Pittsburgh.

Johnny Manziel is #1 in Ohio- The backup quarterback is number one.  That’s how good pro football is in Ohio.  How ya feelin’ Hoyer and Dalton?

Eli Manning is #1 in Oklahoma-  Dick’s sold exactly one female NFL jersey in Oklahoma and it was to a displaced Giants’ fan.

Drew Brees is #1 in Vermont- Everybody hates the Patriots, even people in New England.

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