Chick Breaks Both Feet Trying To Jump From Roof To Pool

Featured, News — June 7, 2013 at 11:23 pm by

We’ve all done some dumb shit.  But this is some real dumb shit.  Girl watches boyfriend and friend always jump into pool from roof. It looks exciting and fun.  It looks like an adrenaline rush.  Girl is inspired to try the jump.  Girl gets on roof.  Girl watches boyfriend jump in again.  Girl is scared shitless on roof.  Girl is skittish.  Girl is peer pressured. Girl doesn’t want to look like a pussy.  Girl jumps while holding hands with friend.  Friends splashes in pool.  Girl lands on concrete and fucks herself up.  Girl’s mom puts video of incident on YouTube in an attempt to raise money for hurt girl’s bills.  Video goes viral.  Everybody cringes and laughs at girl’s stupidity.  Nobody can believe girl was sober when it happened.  Money raised so far $180.  Not worth the humiliation.  Girl lucky worse shit didn’t happen.  We hope she has a speedy recovery.  Here’s video. Don’t try this dumb fucking shit at home.

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