Check Out HBO’s Unconventional Hit, True Detectives

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by Babes

It’s very easy to get excited about a new HBO show that features two bonafide stars like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.  Both actors are awesome, and HBO doesn’t put out original programming that isn’t top notch.  With True Detectives, HBO has hit the jackpot again, as the two leads play partners in the CIU (Criminal Investigation Unit) tasked with solving a homicide they believe is the work of a serial killer.

  This show is not your run of the mill cop/detective who done it in which you know the killer will be apprehended at ten before the hour.  The show is just as much about the complex characters that McConaughey and Harrelson both play as it is about the ongoing murder investigation.  It’s extremely unconventional in the fact that it’s not your typical buddy cop drama, as the two detectives actually strongly dislike each other.  Also the show jumps around different timelines, as both leads are being interviewed in the present, while the investigation is being held 17 years earlier. 

  Both lead actors give gritty performances.  McConaughey plays a cynical, world hating, investigative genius that is tormented by the death of his two year old daughter, and the subsequent loss of his marriage.  Woody Harrelson plays a cop that on the surface has it all with a beautiful wife and two young daughters.  But as the story goes deeper you find that Harrelson’s character has a dark side that manifests itself in many different forms, which he refers to as releases.  In the second episode it’s revealed that old Woody has a nice slice on the side in the form of actress Alexandra Daddario. Let me just say this, my previous post of the top 25 racks in Hollywood needs to be rewritten.  If for no other reason, the show is worth a watch to see the blessings that Miss Daddario has received…wow.

  An interesting aspect of the show is that after two of the eight episodes into this season,  the story seems to be moving slow and fast at the same time.  They pull this off by spending a lot of time on character development, which gives the feel that the story is lulling along, but after two episodes you suddenly realize that quite a bit has happened.

  The show is original and intensely intriguing.  The dialogue is also entertaining because McConaughey’s character has such a warped view of the world, you never know what he’ll say next.  Overall it’s worth the one hour a week you need to invest in it, mainly because the potential for the show is through the roof.  Plus I can’t wait  to see if that chick gets naked again! 

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