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I’m a huge fan of both Justin Long and Emmy Rossum as actors. Long for his always sarcastic wit from gems like, “Waiting,” and “Zack And Miri Make A Porno,” and Rossum because she is my second favorite character from one of my favorite shows,”Shameless.” So I was sold from jump street when I saw the two of them co-starring in “Comet,” a flick I came across On Demand this week. (The film also was released on a limited basis earlier this month.)

“Comet” is the story of a relationship between Long and Rossum that spans six years. It jumps around out-of-order, between five major points of their relationship- the meeting, the first break-up, the first reconciliation, the second break-up, and the, up for interpretation, last encounter, a year after the second break-up. At the beginning it states that the events take place a few parallel universes over, which also leaves room for interpretation.

Long plays Dell, an extremely smart, yet socially retarded ,scientific researcher who meets Rossum’s Kimberly as she is on a first date with another guy. Kimberly embodies the perfect girl for Dell, shit, for almost anybody. She is beautiful, funny, smart, vulnerable, and genuine. The banter back and forth between the two reminds you of a cross between a Woody Allen and Kevin Smith movie. It’s funny that the movie reminded me of everything I loved about “500 Days of Summer,” (mostly because of the time jumping.) yet this film still feels refreshingly original.


The chemistry between the actors is unmistakable. Your instantly rooting for the couple to make it because, despite their differences, they seem to complement each other perfectly. You can’t help but fall in love with Kimberly, and you have to laugh at Dell. What may come off as annoying and pretentious in Dell’s character for some people is what I enjoyed about him the most. He is neurotic, narcissistic, self-absorbed, and hilariously self-conscious. I haven’t enjoyed a character more in any movie this year.

The movie was extremely well written and executed by first time writer-director Sam Esmail. It’s intriguing, generally entertaining, and really funny. It was way funnier than I ever expected it to be. Justin Long has so many quotable lines that I was tempted to start jotting them down and then list a few here. But they are better heard for the first time in the movie, so I left that idea out of this review.

So next time your scrolling through the new releases On Demand, do yourself a favor and check out “Comet.” It’s perfect for a home-date movie that won’t suck.


  1. his best role ever was in zack and miri. guilty as charged.

  2. his best role ever was in zack and miri. guilty as charged.

  3. his best role ever was in zack and miri. guilty as charged.

  4. his best role ever was in zack and miri. guilty as charged.

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