Check Out Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s Bizarre Yet Fascinating Pilot For Their Upcoming Show

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I think I just took some drugs, and I didn’t even realize it. The crew over at Baltimore Rock Opera Society just released the pilot for their upcoming show, Chronoshred: The Adventures Of Stardust Lazerdong. What a title, indeed.

BROS description:

Inspired by our favorite Saturday morning cartoons of the 80s and 90s, CHRONOSHRED: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong is a live-action episodic experience unlike no other show the BROS has ever produced. Join Stardust Lazerdong and his band of badass alien bandmates as they transmit their music to billions across the universe on a pirate video signal, creating new fans (and even more enemies) as they time-travel across the galaxy! They’ll have to work together to outsmart the evil BiznizCorp, battle T.I.M.E.C.O.P.s, and discover the secret of the Chronoriff to fulfill their destiny and throw the biggest concert of all time. Set to a live band playing a mixture of anthemic metal, party rock and a dash of pop and experimental music paired with blazing guitar lead work and catchy riffs bound to be stuck in your head for days The show will open January 16th, and run through February 6. Tickets

Between a talking rock and a drumming squid, this might just work.

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