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So, I know everyone is hyped up on soccer right now with the awesome World Cup action going on. I have a good feeling that the USA Soccer team will get the win or tie that they need against Germany Thursday afternoon and the boys of the Red, White, and Blue will be on to the knockout round. Let the patriotic madness continue! Let’s go boys!

But while we’re focusing on soccer, I want to bring some attention to a local soccer team that’s worth checking out. They are called the Baltimore Bohemians, or Baltimore Bohs. You know, like the beer that we all love. The Bohs play in the Mid-Atlantic Division of the USL PDL. This is the highest level of amateur soccer in the country and the highest level of outdoor soccer in Maryland.  One of my favorite things about college, minor league, or amateur sports, is that while watching them, you are watching players who are highly skilled and giving 110% at all times, while striving to get to the next level. That’s what the players on the Bohs team are doing. After last season the Bohs had seven players sign pro contracts. That group of players included the league’s leading scorer, Calvert Hall and UMBC alumni, Pete Caringi III.  Like Carinigi, the majority of the players on the current roster are local guys who played both high school and college soccer right here in Maryland.

The Bohemians play all of their home games at Calvert Hall High School Stadium, which is conveniently located in Towson.  Since the team is named after a cold, frosty brew, some people’s first question is going to be,  “Do they sell beers there?”.  So let me address that right now.  You’re damn right they serve ice-cold Natty Bohs there. Casey’s Restaurant is also there slinging fantastic food for the fans. The Bohs are one point back of a playoff spot as the season draws to the end. They have a home game tonight, Wednesday June 25th at 5:30 P.M., as well as a few other home dates still on the schedule.  So head on out to a game, grab a Natty Boh with a pit beef sandwich, and check out some local kids trying to make the playoffs and propel their careers to the professional level. Lets go Bohs!

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