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You, sir, are one broke bastard.  The economy sucks and so does your job. Yet, God forbid you cook for yourself.  It is time consuming, and it is never as easy as those jerks on the food network tell you it is.  Besides, cooking just cuts into your drinking time.  But another night of Ramen Noodles and bologna sandwiches may send your digestive system into revolt.  What you need, my friend, is some well prepared, inexpensive food.  Lucky for you there is such an oasis right in East Baltimore.  It is called Chicken Rico.

Rico means “very tasty” or “delicious” in informal Spanish.  Therefore, Chicken Rico means delicious chicken.  You’re damn right.  This is some of the best bird I have ever tasted.  It’s Peruvian charcoal broiled chicken.  That means it is done rotisserie style with that old school grill taste.  Nothing quite cooks like charcoal, and combined with the Peruvian spices it makes for a unique, yet warmly familiar taste.  If you love food, especially chicken, you will lose your mind the first time you eat at Chicken Rico.

And it’s not only the chicken that will bring you back.  The sides bring love too.  There are plenty to choose from but you gotta try the yuca and the plantains the first time you go.  Yuca is a starchy root vegetable that seems like a glorified french fry, but better.  I love this stuff, and it taste great dipped in the sauce that they give you.  Plantains look similar to bananas but taste better.  They cost a buck more, but even you can swing that, right?  They also have corn, fried rice, rice, salad, beans, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and tortillas.  I have had most and all have graded out solid.

It’s a simple concept.  Good ass authentic Peruvian grub served in styrofoam containers with plastic forks.  And it gets even better.  You can get a half chicken with three sides and a can of soda for $9.43.  It might be one of the best food deals in the city.  It is a huge, delicious meal, and you can roll out for under 10 bucks.  Of course they have other things on the menu too.  For you lighter eaters, you can get a quarter chicken, or a half with only two sides.  Chicken Rico also boast some 8” subs and burgers, but I have never been able to get away from the chicken.  (Though once I did have the Lomo Saltado Dinner, it was really good.)

So, to hell with cooking.  Fish that 10 spot out of your Wrangler’s and drive to Highlandtown.  Park on Eastern and run, walk, or waddle your way into Chicken Rico.  You won’t be disappointed.

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