Charred Body Potentially Ex LAPD Cop Killer

News — February 13, 2013 at 3:52 pm by

NBC With a chase, a raging gun battle, and a blazing cabin fire, the hunt for suspect Christopher Dorner that has kept Southern California in terror for the past week appears to be over. Charred human remains were discovered in the Big Bear cabin where police sources say the burly ex-LAPD officer barricaded himself in what might have been the deadly end to the biggest manhunt Los Angeles has ever seen .Police have not officially said whether the body found in the burned-out cabin was Dorner. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement on Tuesday that identification would be attempted “through forensic means.”

In recent weeks Christopher Dorner an Ex LA police officer, has been the target of a manhunt. He has been accused of multiple murders, and claims in his recent manifesto that he wanted to clear his name. In his plea for innocence he felt it was necessary to reach out to big names such as Tim Tebow and Charlie Sheen. Obviously, Charlie geared into action to assist police…Afterall, he has played many roles as a man of the law

Dorner unfortunately never called Sheen, but many “bright” individiuals believed Dorner was keeping an updated twitter feed through the chase…


There will always be those people who believe anything they see on the internet…I mean it’s his picture, so it has to be him, right?


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  1. Cops wanted him dead. He spoke out about police brutality in LA.

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