Charlie Blackmon Has The Best Hair In Sports, And It’s Not Even Close

Sports and Bets — October 25, 2017 at 11:53 am by




Charlie Blackmon has been rocking the mullet and beard look for quite some time now, but it’s gone far too under the radar for my liking up to this point. Normally people around here don’t follow the Rockies too closely, and when Blackmon is playing, he has a hat or helmet on, and it just looks like he has long hair and a beard. But as someone who routinely drafts Charlie Blackmon every single year in fantasy baseball I’ve been following him more closely than most, and have long since admired his hair.

But yesterday ESPN had Blackmon on their networks all day for World Series coverage, and his stunning look was finally revealed to the mainstream world.




There’s not enough credit in the world that I, or anyone else can give Charlie’s hair. It might honestly be one of the best haircuts I’ve ever seen. And paired with that beard? Breathtaking. Charlie Blackmon’s giving off enough sex appeal to get the whole viewing audience pregnant. Babies popping out all across the country 9 months from now, courtesy of Charlie Blackmon.



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