Charges Will Be Filed Against Jabroni Who Peed On Modell’s Grave

News — July 29, 2014 at 10:19 am by

News flash, you will ultimately get busted for pissing on a grave. You’re on film, you’ve showcased your sexy tats, and you took a whiz on somebody’s grave. This is real-life, there has to be some line drawn for sport fans.

The Baltimore County State’s Attorney said it will file charges against the jabroni who urinated on the late Art Modell’s grave. According to law, “A person may not engage in indecent or disorderly conduct in a cemetery.” The man won’t be identified until the charges are officially filed and served, and he could get up two years and a fine. Doubt he actually gets jail time unless he has a rocky history(looks the part), but if so, he deserves to get pissed on…


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  1. f that, set a precedent. two years, no parole.

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