Chaps Pit Beef Wants To Open 60 Locations

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Everybody’s favorite pit beef stand located conveniently next to a strip club is looking to make a massive expansion. Bob Creager, owner of the iconic Chaps Pit Beef, spoke to The Baltimore Sun about his big plans.

Creager, a former steelworker who started the restaurant 28 years ago in a small shack on Pulaski Highway, said he wants to open a second location within six months and grow the business into 60 franchise locations over the next five years. “The discussion was, ‘How far do you want to go?’ I’ll go to Russia. I’ll go to Dubai. Why wouldn’t you shoot your sights high?” Creager said. To start, Creager is looking closer to home with a second location, possibly in the Catonsville area or near Security Square Mall, but no decisions have been made.

This is absolutely fantastic news. Chaps Pit Beef is a Baltimore institution, and it’s great to hear that other parts of the globe will finally get to experience the indescribable joy of biting into one of those delicious sandwiches. Flavortown just got a whole lot bigger, babes.

via The Baltimore Sun
cover pic: Thomas Pluck

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