Championship Sunday: Babes’ Random Thoughts

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by Babes

Let me start by patting myself on the back for my lovely 8-2 run through the playoffs thus far; it’s been great for the wallet.  Sunday produced a Denver/Seattle Super Bowl that should be a great game in two weeks.  It’s a little depressing that there is only one football game left until September (who the hell will watch the Pro Bowl), but it’s been a great season. I have a list of takeaways from yesterday that need addressing. 

  I don’t get Richard Sherman.  He is a phenomenal player and yesterday he seemed to be displaying pretty good sportsmanship for most of the game.  He talks an enormous amount of trash, but he didn’t stand out yesterday until he made that game changing pass defense that got intercepted to win the game.  When you make a play, celebrate with your teammates, don’t go and talk shit to your opponent.  Richard Sherman’s post-game interview was the furthest thing from what he probably really is as a person.  The guy is a Stanford graduate who overcame growing up in Compton, the ghetto capital, to be extremely successful.  Don’t throw all that away by being an asshole.

Stay classy babes

  Why the hell would Kaepernick avoid throwing at Sherman all game and then challenge him with the game on the line?  I don’t understand the thinking there.  Yes Crabtree is your best receiver, but Boldin against Maxwell was a much better matchup.  Staying with Kaepernick, the guy is a game changer because of his athleticism, but he has a long way to go before anyone can say he is an elite quarterback.  With three fourth quarter turnovers yesterday, he was pretty close to being the reason they lost that game.  Although he was probably the only reason they were ever winning the game to begin with, because of his running, along with that spectacular play on the touchdown to Boldin. 

  For the first three quarters yesterday it seemed like it was fate that the Niners were going to the Super Bowl.  Every single bounce of the ball was going their way, as I can think of three or four plays that the Niners were lucky as shit to keep the football.  The James muff punt, the strip of Kaepernick that the center ends up picking up and running for positive yards, and the fact that Lynch fumbled a handoff on the goal line.  Although the fact that the Niners got that fumble was really justice served because Navarro Bowman clearly had that football on the ground.  And for God sake how many fucking times did Fox have to show that replay of Bowman getting hurt!  It was a gruesome injury and I had to actually turn away as they kept showing it repeatedly.  I hope Bowman is okay because he is the best linebacker in the game right now.  Hopefully that wasn’t a career ending leg injury.  I felt horrible for him as he was writhing in severe pain at the bottom of the pile, as players wrestled on top of him to recover a ball that he clearly recovered already and was on the ground. 

  It’s hard for me to dislike Jim Harbaugh because I love John Harbaugh so much as our coach, but my God he is a fucking cry baby on the side lines.  He acts like a twelve year old girl whenever the refs throw a flag on his team, and when his team doesn’t get a call he acts like a three year old pouting that he can’t have two ice cream sundaes.  Shit Jim, man up and deal with the fact that the refs aren’t there to only call penalties against the other team.

Sensible Khakis, lunatic mind.

  The commercial with Arnold playing ping pong is fucking hilarious.


  I’m happy Peyton Manning has a shot at another Super Bowl win.  He is one of the best, if not the best ever at his position, and I hate the fact the people always bring up that he only has one Super Bowl win.  He deserves better, besides, who would you rather see win this year, Manning or Richard Sherman?  Manning is a class act and we as football fans shouldn’t take that for granted. 

  Let’s take a second to realize just how good this Denver offense is.  They scored on six straight possessions yesterday after they punted on the first drive.  They did not punt once in their previous playoff game.  That’s one punt in two playoff games.  This offense is the best of all-time and it’s really fun to watch because Peyton dissects defenses with his smarts, not his arm strength.  He probably has just below average arm strength these days, as so many of his passes fluttered through the air begging to be picked off, but they weren’t.  The guy knows what he is doing, although I guarantee those wounded ducks will not fly against Seattle. 

  As great as Tom Brady is, he played like shit yesterday.  He missed two throws that would have turned that game around.  The first was the play action deep crossing route to Edelman, and then he missed Austin Collie up the sideline. Those plays would have absolutely given the Pats ten more points in the first half. Wow, I guess Brady is human.


  You have to respect the job Belichik and Brady did this year turning that  athlete scrap heap into a winning football team.  We only have a couple more seasons to watch two of the best ever in Brady and Manning, that’s not something to take for granted.  As a true football fan you have to appreciate that.  I’m already sick of watching Colin Kaepernick and this “new breed” of young quarterbacks. 

  Check back in a few days for the Babes can’t miss Super Bowl prediction. 


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