Prankster Pretends To Saw Himself In Half, But His Friend Passes Out Like A Bitch

Humor — July 19, 2017 at 2:27 pm by


Well now I know who I never want to be friends with, and that’s this guy who passed out in the heat of the moment. If I’m ever in a freak chainsaw accident, I need a ride or die homie who’s gonna be there to pick up my organs, place them back in my body in the right order, and stitch me up without batting an eye. None of this passing out shit. Get my gallbladder, place it near my heart (or wherever it goes, idk, I failed Anatomy like ten times before finally passing it with a sturdy C+)* grab a sewing needle and some thread, and piece me back together, or quit pretending to be my real friend.



* C’s get degrees motherfuckers, get off me.


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