Cell Phone Video Captures Altercation With Baltimore Police

News — December 10, 2014 at 12:50 pm by

This video is being described as a case of  Baltimore police using excessive force. At the end of the day, we see this video, there is most certainly things that we are left in the dark on. The woman was recording police as they were making an arrest, and the altercation was the result of not complying with the officers request.  According to reports, the woman was Tasered and slammed to the ground. The woman was arrested and charged with using her vehicle to strike an officer. The officer claims the woman accelerated towards another officer, resulting in the arrest.

Just watching the video, what is your immediate  reaction? The officers were cursing like sailors, this is the one thing that is certain. We hear the Taser, and the woman did sustain some bumps and bruises, but this video might not provide irrefutable proof for either party.

This is the Youtube description. It irks me that it describes officers beating a suspect, I definitely didn’t catch that part.

Members of the Northeast District in Baltimore interrupt their beating of a suspect in custody to beat a woman who dared videotape them. They then filed false charges alleging she rammed into a group of police with her car.


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