CCW Writer The Chode Is Ready To Go On Usain Bolt’s McNugget Diet

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Everybody has probably heard about Usain Bolt’s revelation about his love affair with Chicken McNuggets.  Call my interest “officially peaked”.

In his newly published memoir, Usain Bolt reveals that during the two weeks of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he scarfed down an estimated one thousand McNuggets. In excerpts referenced by the New York Post, Bolt called Chinese food “odd” and decided to give McDonald’s a try.

                                                                        ” Lets get back to McDonald’s quick. I neeeed more McNuggets”

Now this is what I’m talking about baby! In an age where so many athletes are on strict tofu and vegetarian type bullshit diets my Man Usain is crushing McNuggets a hundo at a time. Nothing like setting world records on a stomach full of delicious little McNuggets. I wonder, what kind of sauce was he using? BBQ, honey mustard, or possibly even some hot sauce? Maybe he mixed it up with a variety of them. If you ask me, there is no question this is the key to Bolt’s speed, and the secret’s out. You better believe The Chode is going on strict McNugget only diet in preparation for the 2016 games. We all know how much I love chicken and sprinting. Now that I know Mcnuggets, not wings, are the key to speed, I’ll be setting world records on the track in no time.

” Every meal for the Chode from now until Rio 2016″




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