CCW Exclusive: We Have Obtained The UNC Freshman Athlete Textbook List

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You’ve all heard about the academic scandal that has gripped the campus of the University of North Carolina.  Evidently, the athletes down there have been taking some “fake” classes in order to remain academically eligible.  Seems fair to me.  Anyway, we here at Charm City Wire have managed to obtain a textbook list from a freshman football player who had enrolled for 18 credits in the Fall Semester of 2012.  His major: Family Studies. 18 credits!  What a go-getter!

We have included the class, the course description, and the text required by UNC- for athletes only, of course.

Zoology 101: Introduction To Zoology:  

Zoology 101 is the first class of a two semester integrated biology sequence that is recommended for all Biology majors.

Kinesiology 101: Lifetime Fitness and Wellness:
This course is designed to help students adopt and maintain the behaviors associated with an active lifestyle.
English 101: First Year Composition:
The purpose of English 101 is to introduce students to the convention of academic writing and critical thinking.
Family Studies 100: Family Issues:
This course will address the contemporary issues in the area of Family Studies.
Natural History 101 (DVD Lecture):
This course is an introduction to pre-historic life and an endeavor in understanding the myriad of parameters that contribute to the complexities of studying this time period.
Art History 101:
This is an introductory course that focuses on the question, “What is the nature of visual art?”.
Nice to see some of the snots on tobacco row get their comeuppance.


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