CCW Casino Comparison: Maryland Live vs Delaware Park

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“B-5, B-5”

 So I’ve now had the opportunity to experience both of the casinos at Delaware Park and Maryland Live and let me tell you there is no comparison.  I’ll put it like this, Delaware Park barely feels like an extra shot in the arm to a bingo night at the local VFW, and Maryland  Live makes me feel like I’m at the Mirage in Las Vegas with two bimbos hanging on each arm while I’m making hard sixes and eights on the craps table like it’s my job.  That may be an extreme exaggeration but the point is this, there is no choice between the two, you should go to Maryland Live every time.

I ventured up I-95 into Delaware about two months ago, before the State of Maryland had allowed their casinos to open table games.  I’m a table game player whether its blackjack, craps, roulette, or a little Pai- Gow!!!  I can’t get enough. I went to Delaware Park on an idle Tuesday around one in the afternoon and was surprised to see that the place was packed. But the place wasn’t packed in a good way, and by good way I mean when you’ re at the Borgata and the drinks are flowing and you almost feel like you’ re in a club when you’ re gambling,  well this was nothing like that. It was packed with annoying, old, rundown people you usually see sucking the life out of horse tracks and small keno bars. These people just looked like fucking losers, I’m sorry to have to say. I don’t know why, maybe it was the time of day, but I just got horrible vibes from the patrons at Delaware Park and as I walked the spacious casino floor there I found it ridiculously annoying that I couldn’t get a decent seat anywhere at an open table.  They had a ton of tables that were closed, and everything open was littered with, well, lets just call them undesirables.  I tried to squeeze in on a craps table, and I was next to a redneck who smelled like he just finished rolling around in cow shit. Of course he has the dice, I make one pass line bet, and he rolls a three-fuck. I make another pass line bet, and he rolls a twelve-fuck. I make a third pass line bet and he rolls a nine and backs it up with a seven on the fourth roll. I politely pick up what’s left of my chips and retreat to, oh I don’t know, a god-damn bunker somewhere along the Afghan border!

Later I tried my hand at blackjack, but I didn’t even get through a shoe and before I had to stop myself from heading to the ATM. I put my last Benjamin on black on my way out the door and it comes up red-19 to be exact, my fucking number that of course I didn’t play because I couldn’t maneuver myself close enough to a roulette table to even play the inside-on a Tuesday!                                                                                                                              

md live

Maryland Live!

Now I know most of my bad experience there probably had a lot to do with the fact that I lost, but even still, I would never go back to that shithole. It wasn’t clean and it had no energy.  On the other hand,  my trip to Maryland Live was the complete opposite.

I stopped by Maryland Live on a Thursday night around ten thirty on my way home from work. Immediately after walking in, it felt like I had made the two hour trek up to AC. The casino was beautiful and full of energy. There were table games everywhere (none of which were closed) and people really seemed to be having a great time. There are a couple of nice restaurants that surround the casino floor, including the upscale steakhouse, The Prime Rib. There are also two huge bars that are conveniently placed amidst the gambling mecca that make it very easy to get a drink.


Booger. For the record, he denied hitting a 13 against the dealer 6.

Despite the fact that the place was jamming, I had no trouble getting onto a blackjack table. Granted it was a 25 dollar minimum table, but that’s to be expected at a happening place. You want a ten dollar table, go to Del Park and sit next to Bunk and Booger and watch them hit a 13 against a dealer’s six.

My only qualm with Maryland Live was the lack of quantity of the other table games. There weren’t enough craps, roulette, or Pai- Gow tables in my opinion. Of course every craps table was packed and hard to get on, but it wasn’t impossible.  The Roulette tables weren’t completely packed, but it was hard to find them amidst all the blackjack tables. There were only two Pai- Gow tables that I saw, and Pai-Gow is a lot of fun.  If you’re someone looking for a fun and easy game to play that won’t pillage your wallet in five minutes, Pai- Gow is your game.

So if you ever find yourself wondering which direction to go to feed your gambling addiction, do yourself a favor and head south on I-95.  Maryland Live is the type of place that when you make your donation you don’t feel quite so bad, because despite your loss you still probably had a good time.


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  1. I was at that table with Booger, he was on a heater! yes he did hit on a 13 against a dealer 6 but remember he’s a nerd. He was counting card, it was the end of the shoe, and he had a + 50 count. I would have doubled down!

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