Nothing Like Some Swift Justice For The Asshole Who Drives On The Shoulder

 I will be the first one to admit it, the thought of driving on the shoulder crosses my mind often. You’ve been sitting in traffic for 20 minutes, and […]

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by / on April 17, 2018 at 9:06 am / in Entertainment, Fails

Crashing Into A Ski Lift Is The Direct Result Of Jumping Into The Path Of Said Ski Lift

First take, I want to believe this was some poor accident for this novice skier. With repeated views, I am certain this guy deserved what was coming to him. A […]

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by / on April 5, 2018 at 11:03 am / in Entertainment, Fails

Here Is The Latest Trailer For ‘Deadpool 2’

Finally, the trailer for the latest Deadpool has dropped. If Fox keeps the same tone on this as the first flick, the movie will be an A+. The first installment […]

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by / on March 22, 2018 at 9:56 am / in Entertainment

This Seal Hanging Out The 17th Street Beach In Ocean City Is Life Goals

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by / on March 20, 2018 at 1:26 pm / in Entertainment, Outdoors

The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Set A New Deadlift Record At 1,041 Pounds…Go Figure

472kg/1041lb World Record Deadlift ! • @australianstrengthcoach @stanefferding @stefansolvi @andrimarinn @andrireyr @kelc33 @vikingtrips @roguefitness @sbdapparel • #yesmen A post shared by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (@thorbjornsson) on Mar 4, 2018 at […]

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by / on March 6, 2018 at 4:14 pm / in Entertainment, Sports and Bets

Nate Diaz Gets Introduced At UFC Fight Night, Proceeds To Throw Blunt In His Mouth

*nate diaz is on camera for one second* *throws joint in his mouth* pic.twitter.com/iXwr5I81Jt — Robbie Fox (@RobbieBarstool) February 19, 2018 National television, UFC Fight Night, it doesn’t matter. Nate […]

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by / on February 19, 2018 at 9:35 am / in Entertainment, Sports and Bets

Big Fan Of This Young Fella’s Reaction When He Finds Out He Is 98

“Your ass, I am not 98 years old.” This is the only way to react when your son waltzes in with a camera all up in your face, and breaks […]

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by / on February 9, 2018 at 12:00 am / in Entertainment

Scumbag Package Thief Gets A Swift Dose Of Karma As She Runs Off

People who steal packages from porches are the worst people on the planet. They ruin random strangers’ day for their own financial gain, and they make me wanna puke. I […]

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by / on January 29, 2018 at 12:36 pm / in Entertainment, Fails

Justin Tucker Wins NFL Most Valuable Performer Contest, Donates $50k Prize To Baltimore School

Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker has taken the crown as the NFL’s Most Valuable Performer, and it wasn’t even close. The talent contest aired Thursday night on CBS, and was […]

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by / on January 26, 2018 at 8:01 pm / in Entertainment, Sports and Bets

Looks Like Vince McMahon Is Set To Announce The Return Of The XFL

So @AlphaEntLLC just trialled a live-stream ahead of their press conference at 3PM E.T. This was the final shot. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s happening. pic.twitter.com/n5c4UMkpOf — The Tag Rope (@tagropemag) […]

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by / on January 25, 2018 at 12:03 pm / in Entertainment, Sports and Bets

CNN’s New Year Celebration Included Live Cut-Ins With A Reporter On A Weed Bus

Have seen it all. A #CNN reporter on a Pot Bus lighting a Bong for someone on Live TV. pic.twitter.com/ME2A7Ya1aM — IdolKnights (@idolknights) January 1, 2018 It’s officially 2018, folks. […]

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by / on January 1, 2018 at 10:21 am / in Entertainment, News

Latest Episode Of ‘Binging With Babish’ Focuses Solely On Food From ‘The Wire’

In the latest episode of Binging With Babish, one of the best cooking shows on YouTube, Chef Andrew Rea tries his hand at dishes found throughout the T.V. series, The […]

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by / on December 27, 2017 at 9:10 pm / in Entertainment

Watch These Maniacs B.A.S.E. Jump From A Mountain And Fly Safely Into A Plane

I’m over here debating if it’s windbreaker weather, and there are maniacs jumping off a perfectly good mountain to get their adrenaline fix. Red Bull French wingsuit flyers recently completed an […]

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by / on November 28, 2017 at 3:40 pm / in Entertainment

A Cleveland Browns Fan Is Raising Money To Fund A “Perfect Season” Parade

Browns Perfect Season Parade 2.0 Web: https://t.co/ZsX98PDqaM Facebook: https://t.co/VpUZm6H6Jl GoFundMe: https://t.co/5z8AwyM8EL (All proceeds go to the @CleFoodBank if the @Browns win) pic.twitter.com/PJI6wsxVch — McNeil (@Reflog_18) November 15, 2017 The Cleveland […]

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by / on November 17, 2017 at 11:11 am / in Entertainment, Sports and Bets

The Latest Boston Dynamics Robot Is A Nightmare That Does Backflips

Boston Dynamics is on a never ending quest to build Terminators, and the latest “Atlas” is just another step closer. Not only is it referred to as ‘The World’s Most […]

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by / on November 17, 2017 at 9:39 am / in Entertainment

New A.I. Service Will Respond To All Your Email Scams Then Send You The Transcript

I love exchanging emails with my Tunisian prince cousin as much as the next guy, but I can’t send him money for my gold whenever he asks. Netsafe, a non-profit online […]

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by / on November 9, 2017 at 10:13 am / in Entertainment