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I’m usually pretty skeptical about new network shows because it seems like every time I get into one it gets canceled. I’ve been burned by the likes of The Event, Happy Town, and Zero Hour but this time I’m confident NBC’s The Blacklist will make it. The show premiered Monday night and it will be a permanent fixture in my DVR for sure.

The show stars James(I’m a motherfucking badass)Spader and some good looking brunette whose name does not really matter. It grabs you by the balls from the opening scene and doesn’t let go. Spader plays wanted international criminal Raymond “Red” Reddington, who is a mastermind for hire to the highest bidder with a hidden secret agenda. The first scene he waltzes into the FBI building and gives himself up, only to be later let go in exchange for the information he possesses. The cat and mouse game that ensues is highly entertaining and leaves you wanting more. Spader is phenomenal in the role and has my vote for next years Emmy award already.

If The Blacklist can keep up this incredible pace, then I will definitely follow along for the ride. The show reminds me a lot of Fox’s The Following, but fuck it I loved that too, so why not keep that same similar format going.

If you missed the pilot check it out on demand and catch up, you won’t regret it. There’s a slew of huge plot twists, but that one that ends the episode is the best. The show was pitted up against another similar style action drama, Hostages on CBS, but The Blacklist nearly doubled them up in the ratings, so I feel good about investing my time in this one.

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