Cast Members From ‘The Wire’ Returned To Baltimore To Share Residents’ Stories

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This past Saturday, cast members from The Wire returned to Baltimore for a free performance at the Modell Performing Arts Center. The sold out “Wired Up!” event featured actors from the beloved television series sharing stories from real-life citizens. Sonja Sohn (Officer “Kima” Greggs), Michael K. Williams (Omar Little), Andre Royo (“Bubbles” Cousins), and Larry Gilliard, Jr. (D’Angelo Barksdale) performed monologues based on Baltimore residents’ feelings about the civil unrest that took place on April 27. I couldn’t find much footage of “Wired Up!” online, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you come across any videos from this special event.

And in case you were somehow still unaware that Michael K. Williams is the coolest dude on the planet, watch him get down at the after-party.

via The Baltimore Sun, Complex, & CBS Baltimore
cover pic: The Baltimore Sun

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